Renew, Design & Marketing, USN case study




Hawthorn Leisure, Renew Recruitment Campaign case study
Hawthorn Leisure, Renew Recruitment Campaign, Renew case study

Our products are stocked in major retailers, but how do we drive consumer demand?


USN - Ultimate Sports Nutrition, approached Renew to work on a number of projects within different retailers. Although USN had secured their products on the shelves of major retailers, they needed to increase brand recognition and ultimately drive sales.


Renew looked at the sports nutrition market and gained an insight that product alone was not enough and consumers were becoming more savvy. Customers looked for more in their health regime, so 'Aurora' was created, a virtual health coach app. This created an emotive connection with the brand and a reliance on the support the app provided.

The Solution

USN boasts fantastic brand ambassadors, so Renew recreated them as ‘virtual robots’ to add to the visual impact. The mobile application allows customers to follow their progress, view fitness programs and access healthy recipes, incorporating the USN product range and an e-commerce element. This campaign pushed USN to N°1 brand within a large retail chain.