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Hawthorn Leisure

Hawthorn Leisure

Hawthorn Leisure, Renew Design Recruitment Campaign case study
Hawthorn Leisure, Renew Design Recruitment Campaign  Renew Design case study

Our recruitment campaign needs to target forward thinking individuals


Hawthorn Leisure, a hospitality company, approached Renew to create a recruitment campaign which sought out forward thinking individuals to manage certain venues within their portfolio of 500 pubs and restaurants.


Moving away from obvious "Run your own pub" messages, Renew created the "Destination Success" campaign. The key aim was to attract individuals who were intrigued by the advertising and had the ability to think a little deeper. The campaign was also designed to make Hawthorn Leisure stand out as a different kind of hospitality operator.

The Solution

The strapline "Destination Success" gave Renew the opportunity to run with striking airport departure board graphics which created stand-out in press advertising and outdoor promotional space. The concept offered the flexibility of being used across many media channels - online and offline.