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Brook Farm Interiors

Brook Farm Interiors

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Our product has evolved and the brand no longer reflects it. How can we reimagine our brand?


Brook Farm Interiors asked Renew to rebrand their business. The key challenge was to ensure it remained accessible to their existing clients, yet appealed to a different target market with increased spending power.


Through extensive competitor research and understanding the demographics, we worked to create a brand which instilled trust and offered a more luxurious feel. Renew understood what the target customer looked for in an Interior Design company and made sure all marketing communication conveyed this.

The Solution

Creation of a classic, timeless logo and typography coupled with a strong monochrome palette gave Brook Farm Interiors a more refined look and feel. Advertising in high-end luxury magazines with the use of stunning product photography repositioned Brook Farm Interiors and gave the business the gravitas it needed.

Renew took over the full responsibility of all our marketing requirements and immediately set about increasing our profile and updating our image in all aspects of advertising. Since then our business has gone from strength to strength, benefiting enormously from the advice and guidance given by Michelle and her team. Renew are a thoroughly professional organisation whom I would recommend to any business unreservedly.

John and Karen Smith
Owners, Brook Farm Interiors